I’ve never really understood the phrase ‘hedge your bets’. What other phrases are there that seem to sound weird?

To me, the sports announcer usage sounds like a failed attempt to sound sophisticated.

Also, in sports announcing, some announcers have taken to calling a difference between two timing clocks (e.g. the 24-second clock and the game time clock in basketball) a “differential.”. In modern usage, the phrase “begs the question” is synonymous with “leads to the question” or “raises the question.”

This isn’t quite what you asked, but it’s related.

The phrase “beg the question” has ceased to have its formal logical meaning (for example, the statement “People are rich because they have lots of money” begs the question. It restates what is already implicitly known).

While this is technically correct, its use in more technical disciplines is either to describe a difference of unknown quantity or one of an arbitrarily small quantity

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