How To Maximise Your Lottery Odds. By Kerry Mcnally

Lotto Magic promotes lottery club play with a computerized

system to enhance the club members chances of winning. The more tickets you buy – the more

chances you have of winning a prize but if you were to buy 30,000 tickets with 30,000

members you would only collect 0.0033% of any win. Do you have to stop at five? No, your

syndicate can be a wide as you like and this will mean even

more money and tickets to play monthly.

About the Author:

The author is a computer programmer living in Sydney, Australia. This

is just basic arithmetic and everyone gets an equal

portion of any wins. Further information can be obtained

from the link in the resource box. If you have 100 members in the

syndicate, buying one hundred tickets you get 1% of any winnings (100%/100). When you first join it will cost you only $50 per month for membership but

as soon as you sign up 2 more members on $50 per month you are no longer

charged and so, you are playing for free. The fact that it has survived for so long with

ongoing member help convinces me that it must

work. Even if

none of the tickets win, what if you still collect $7,925 each month in sponsorship


In conclusion, if you like playing lotto, want to maximise your

chance of winning and could use some extra earnings on

the side then, Lotto Magic may work for you. A win of $30,000 would pay

you 99 cents according to my calculator.

Is there a better system? What if you could play on 31,248 tickets each

month, for free, and still collect 10% of the winnings? If your own ticket wins you

collect 50% of that ticket and still get 10% of the winnings of the other tickets. I went looking for scam reports and the like but I found nothing

true. The winnings are always paid

out to the members with the owner of the winning ticket getting 50% of the prize and

10% is paid out 5 levels up which makes up the other 50%.

In a conventional lottery club you get 10% of any winnings if

you have ten players and buy ten tickets (100%/10). If there are no lotteries in

your state, this may be your only way to play the lottery. Some people were only guessing that it sounded too good and

therefore it must be bad but Im inclined to listen to what the people who have joined

and can prove their prosperity

have to say.. To find out more a to get a free online marketing kit go to

Is this legal? Yes, States with lotteries

recognize lottery clubs and pool playing. To play 31,248

tickets and receive $7,925 you need to do no more than sign up 5 team captains at $50

per month and help them to do the same down 5 levels and that is it. Lotto Magic is this unusually simple way of playing the Florida

State Lottery and leveraging your chances of

winning. So you can sign

up five who each sign up five down five levels and you get $7,925 each month and

you share in the wins of 31,248 tickets monthly. Lotto Magic does not sell lottery tickets.

Only retailers who have been contracted by the Florida Lottery Commission are

authorized to sell tickets. This article may be freely reproduced and

distributed so long as it is left intact and the authors resource box is included.

From my searching I have found that this program has been in

operation since 1996 and many of the members testimonials are from long term


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