High Drama across Seven Nations

The most notable result came in a 2-1 victory over Levski Sofia. The club originated in 2001, but Ludogorets Razgrad finished its first season in 2011 with the club winning the East portion of Bulgaria’s B Group and automatic promotion to the A Group.

In 2012, excitement unfolded across these seven nations where so much unfolded. Each of the clubs’ journeys had their perils, but all ended with a successful season.

Located in northeastern Bulgaria, Ludogorets faced some of Bulgaria’s most storied clubs the following season. Each winner endured adversity and even skepticism at a time to overcome obstacles and win their respective league titles and prove that 2012 was more to football than Manchester City winning the Premier League. If Kaiserslautern’s title was immediate, then no question that what unfolded in Bulgaria in 2012 is nothing short of meteoric. , Ludogorets only allowed 16 goals during the season, six of which came at home. In the second half, Ludogorets would finish the game with 10 men as well. Along with Gargorov, Ilyo Stoyanov finished as co-leader in scoring with 16 goals.

In 2012, seven nations watched history unfolded as new chapters became written in the annals of footballing history. No doubt it was a significant story, but so was what unfolded elsewhere.

These two players may have led their team in goals, but Miroslav Ivanov scored the most famous goal of the season for Ludogorets. Emil Gargorov scored the winning goal in the match, one of his 13 goals during the season.. These organizations included Sofia-based clubs Levski and CSKA (both with a combined 57 league titles), as well as two-time reigning champions Litex Lovech.

This game determined the league winner, and Ludgoroets had to win the match to clinch the league title. Ivanovs goal came in the 19th minute, and the club had an opportunity to score more when CSKA Sofia finished the match with reduced to 10 men. CSKA missed two chances that hit the crossbar while goalkeeper Uros Golubovic made a crucial save late in the game.

The club lost three straight after that 25-point start, but Ludogorets remained focused on their goal. Ludogorets followed up its season-opening home scoreless draw against Lokomotiv Plovdiv by winning eight straight games. Ivanov’s goal proved to be the only goal of the game as Ludogorets defied all logic to win its first league title in its first season.

European football fans might remember Kaiserslautern’s historic Bundesliga title in 1998, a year after winning the second division title. His fourth goal came in the final match of the season against CSKA Sofia.

Despite their debutante status, Ludogorets continued its success at the beginning of the season

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