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Instead, you have to look for any games that have a little bit over four stars. For example, the top-ranking slot machine game for Google Play has only 4.5 stars.

Some of the keys to look for to finding the best apps are:. Are you getting lost in link-clicking while searching for the best apps for slot machine or roulette games? As a writer for the website Canadian Online Casinos, I know a lot of web users that visit the website are looking for reviews for free apps for slots or roulette — as opposed to ones that you pay into or exclusively use on a laptop.

Almost five star rankings

How many times it has been downloading

How many people have ranked it

How many stars the game has

Negative and positive comments made by users

While there are several tabs that guide you to subcategories and top sellers, websites that offer free apps for your smartphone or devices do not directly point to the apps that have the best rankings. For the popular apps with over a million downloads, you will be lucky to see a five-star rating. However, within this list are apps that are free and loved best by users.

The world of apps is divided primarily into Apple Store products and Google Play options

James R. Dorfman

James R. Dorfman

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James R. Dorfman

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